Sunday, May 6, 2018

Mid-Spring in the Mediterranean: Hike to Olympos PART 1

We enjoyed a little morning time on the beach, which was very windy, then let CC lead us on a hike. We pretty much hike every time we vacation. It's his favorite thing to do.

We were not that far from the famous Olympos mountain, but our walk there was through the beach. Flip flops wouldn't do; we needed some shoes to dig into the long walk along the rocks of the beach.

We have been to Olympos many times, but we've always driven in. It was unique to "walk in" to this place that we have taken others before. Even though it was not all that far, it was hard to get there. The rocks sunk down with each step. A good workout!

We entered the ancient ruins and took a path upwards, upon which we had never been. It took us to some beautiful ruins we had never seen.

These pictures absolutely do not do it justice, but this was a high vantage point. One one side, you could turn to see mountains laden with stone walls and arches. On the other, the vast beautiful sea.

Our cabins would meet the path to the beach about where you stop seeing the sand in the distance.

If you look very, very closely, just under the tree branch, you can see some ruins. See how small they are? That's how high up we had climbed that day.

CC and the big girls decided climb up higher. I decided to stay and take selfies in front of ancient tombs, raided by pirates, with Sweet Cheeks! See the hole they punched out?

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