Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Visit From Family: Ulus

We were so happy to welcome my aunt and uncle into Turkey for the first time! Lots of hugs and wide-eyed kids whispering to me, "He looks just like Grandaddy!"

The next day I taught in the morning, then took them to Ulus, the old part of our city. We trekked up the castle wall and got to the highest point possible.

On our way back down, this little guy was banging out a beat and singing for us, even with one hand shrivelled.

They were real troopers and quickly saw that "quality control" is not a high priority in Turkey's walkways!

We began to see signs of Spring, so beautiful!

Ulus is a quaint and wonderful part of our city. You simply can't take a bad shot there!

I took them by the shops to see the men beating a design into a copper plate.

Then we stopped for a very quick bite to eat at a cafe.

Just as we were leaving, we came upon a crew filming a scene for a movie. They had a movie camera strapped to a car!

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