Sunday, April 12, 2015

Visit From Family: Old Cappadocia Restaurant

One thing that has always been irritating in Cappadocia are the restaurant prices. They are much higher than our city. Many times the prices aren't posted in the menu. So, once we found this place to eat with good food and fair and posted prices, we've given them lots of business. In fact, we go every night that we are in town!

The manager is funny and likes to tease the kids. He offered Sweet Cheeks a chance to make the bread in his stone oven.

It was so good! He gave us olive oil and spices to dip it in. I'm determined to find this spice mixture in my city.

I suggested to Uncle G that he try their famous dish... Oven Claypot Kebab. It's baked in the fire oven in a sealed clay pot. When it's done and time to eat it, they just crack open your pot. It'

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