Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Visit From Family: High Flying

The scenery was indescribable!

We kept seeing from so far up the little caves we had explored!

Ancient shelves, likely for candles.

We flew right over this flag, thinking we might hit it!

There were so many balloons out that day. Perhaps the rainy weather earlier had delayed many until this day.

The colors on the landscape always amaze me. Straight lines where water receded speak of the Flood.

Soon, we would need to get in our landing position!

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Nanette R. said...

Hi! I go to church with your parents and know your brother/sister-in-law. I read your blog often and don't comment, but I really love seeing your photos and hearing about your adventures in your country/region. It is a life-long dream of mine to go on a hot air balloon flight, so this was a favorite post! Thanks for sharing your lives with us!

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