Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Visit From Family: Perge

After a good sleep, we hit the breakfast bar at the hotel. (Here in Turkey your meals are included at the hotel. I think it's the way to go!) As you can see, the CampbellClanKids loaded up on carbs.

(That's chocolate spread on her pancakes.)

We took Uncle G and Aunt P to Perge, the ancient city referred to in the Bible as the place where Paul and John Mark went separate ways.

Miss Middler found an interesting piece I had not seen before.

And Sweet Cheeks found me some more flowers.

(This one grew a flower of each color on every stem.)

The town center's game board is our favorite. I thought perhaps if anyone could figure out how the game was once played, it might be Uncle G. Alas, he wasn't sure either.

An ancient dried up fountain lies that edge of the city. The channel for the water is still very evident; and in spots, there are pools of water still. Here we found an aqueous plant, beautifully thriving in the waterway system.

He looks so much like my dad here. 

The girls went up to the fountain. It was once a curvaceous woman with water flowing around her. Her head is nowhere to be found.

We also went into the old bathhouses, with cold, tepid, and hot water reservoirs sectioned off in rooms. In the tepid room, we found a little friend, an ancestor of one who may have scared bathing women long ago.

Our visit to Perge was fun. A light sprinkling of rain didn't stop us, we were visiting bathhouses anyway.

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