Sunday, April 19, 2015

Visit From Family: Cave Dwelling

While Uncle G and Aunt P were visiting another spot, we took a quick trek to see what CC had spotted earlier that day. I think you could live a lifetime in Cappadocia and still find a new adventure each weekend.

My darling 4th daughter finds sweet little flowers and wants me to photograph them. I know that when I look at these one day, I'll want to see her little hands in it, too.

This one looked like a little Christmas bridal bouquet made by God. Anyone know what it is? (desert flower)

CC found a little cave church, a small hidden place of worship. I wonder what concerns our brothers and sisters brought to the Lord there so long ago.

It was so odd to take these pictures with Firstborn out of the country and not in her usual spot.

CC wanted to take us into a long tunnel passageway. It was totally underground, and he had no idea where it led. You can imagine my heart palpitations when he told us to wait to go in, until he had a second to get his bearings in the daylight. (!)

The only way to get in was to hoist each other into the entrance.

For perspective you can see CC starting to go down into the tunnel.

This was our last glimpse of daylight. We had a couple of flashlights and iphone lights.

Someone spotted this little shelf.

I did this. I really did this. (Feeling empowered!)

We stayed in a straight line with flashlights interspersed. But it was so narrow in the entire tunnel that we could not turn around. Once we got to the end of one route, the last man had to become the first man. It was so fun. I can't even tell you how fun it was to listen to my kids in there, be a little scared, but to say I did this! Still, I won't be a cave dweller. I'll take my chances on the outside.

We did however find one little cave dweller, not so happy that his daytime sleep had been interrupted. And of course, it was Twinkle who found him. She's the one who always screams.

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