Sunday, February 15, 2015

Israel: Holocaust Museum

We went to the Holocaust museum, devoted to "remembering." The pillars and gateway leading in to it contained a Scripture I love.

There were Scriptures thoughout.
 And military. Our two little ones did not meet the age requirement to see the museum, but went to the kids' portion with Firstborn.

The museum was beautifully created, chronological, and effective. The focus was continually on remembering and giving a voice to those the regime tried to eliminate. Case after case of display items pointed to the lives of those captured, tortured, and killed.

I really liked this Scripture, interspersed with the names of the concentration camps. It said to me, "He is here, too."

There was a small portion of the museum dedicated to the heroic efforts of those who sacrificed on behalf of the Jews. This was a hiding place for one man.

Shoes, confiscated from a concentration camp, where the owners had been cremated.

I was quite surprised at seeing the names of my children in so many places.

This was the doll of this little girl, who did survive and only died recently.

There was a beautiful display of the faces and names of all of those who others tried to eliminate, that they might be remembered.

It was very emotional, and we came out to a rainstorm. It seemed very fitting. We have watched the movie "Hiding Place," and recently Twinkle read the book The Boy in Striped Pajamas. I want my children to understand the extent of evil on this Earth, and how desperately we need Hope.


Jill said...

I hope your trip posts are not coming to an end...I LOVE reading every one!

LMB said...

Hoping everything is good with you and your family... missing the updates !!!
P.S. On the very day you posted about "the dung gate", we studied that in Sunday School ! I have loved keeping up with your travels ! It helps to put a real picture in mind while studying the bible !

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