Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Israel: Garden Tomb

We then proceeded to the Garden Tomb. Some believe He was crucified, then buried in the spot where the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is, others believe it is here at Golgotha and the Garden Tomb, due to the fact that we know He was crucified outside the City Walls.

For us, it was enough to see this tomb...

...and especially this.

What is most notable for me in believing it was here is this carved cross inside the tomb. The tomb was buried from 135-1880 AD. So who carved the cross? It had to be carved long ago. Disciples? First century church?

Behind us is the open door to the tomb!


I was very overcome by it all. It's like being poured freshly pressed grape juice, in a 2 liter bottle, then being told you need to drink it all in 10 seconds. It was overwhelming and wonderful and hard to process through emotionally and spiritually all at once. The sun was setting, we knew we needed to get back through the city quarters, so we left. But I will take it all with me forever.


Anonymous said...

hello, I found your Blog through Kelly Stamps.. I had the chance to visit Israel last year and I could not get enough of it. Thank You for posting your pictures and your thoughts of your trip! I have loved seeing your journey.

Anonymous said...


"With spices and precious
Balm, we arrayed Him ;
Faithful and gracious.
We tenderly laid Him :
Linen to bind Him
Cleanlily wound we:
Ah ! when we would find Him
Christ no more found we !"

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