Sunday, November 9, 2014

Volleyball Tournament Highlights

My sweet Singapore girls played in their last volleyball tournament for 2014. They've learned so much and improved so much. I can't think of a time in their lives where I saw a greater (noticeable) difference in ability level from one year to the next.

Here's Firstborn (#13) blocking a ball.

Miss Middler sort of came alive at this tournament. She returned volley after volley. She's tiny, but she's scrappy!

Twinkle Toes is all business when playing, but the social factor is still there.

We didn't win the tournament, but the girls played really good ball. The other teams are the daughters of our US military, practice 5 days a week, generally play only that one sport, and are heads taller than us. But we played with them and only lost by a few points each time. One thing we've got going for us are good attitudes and teamwork.

And when a CampbellClanKid is down about losing, she's always got her Papa's shoulder to cry on.

And then there are boys to sit by in the the sadness doesn't stay too long.

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Anonymous said...

You do realize you have joined the ranks of typical sports moms? LOL

I think it is funny. I do the same thing myself. Not sure if there is a way to avoid it.


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