Sunday, November 23, 2014

Halloween 2014

We did staff house trick-or-treating again this year. It is SO fun for our kids to think of a costume and get to surprise their teachers with it!

CC is always in charge of Big Ben's costume. We have perfect slip-on, all-parts-included Batman and Spiderman costumes, but he wanted to be Indiana Jones.

I squeeze those cheeks everyday. Just try and stop me.

I suggested that Sweet Cheeks could dress as her American Girl doll. The doll dress was a gift from Mimi. Then one day we were given this beautiful dress as a hand-me-down and realized it was the exact dress as the doll's!

I loved Twinkle's costume. She was a Starbucks to-go cup. She even wrote that she was a Tall Caffeinated. Agreed!

Firstborn and Miss Middler went as the Sesame Street aliens. I LOVED their costumes and laughed every time I looked at them. BRRRRRiing!

Here's all our cute staff kids, including S and M's twins, who were back in town for one final day before flying back to Moscow.

Full bags of candy (including sweet homemade treats and smuggled in American treats) from thoughtful staff members made these staff kids feel loved!

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