Thursday, November 6, 2014

Greeting Greece: Back to Port

We cruised all night, then made it back to Kusadasi, Turkey, the next morning.

The aircraft carrier was still there. We would soon find out that it was leaving just minutes after us, heading home after a 9 month tour of service.

While waiting for our bus that would take us the airport, H and I went to see this castle built in 1826.

And these pictures of Aegean shells and sea life were the last two I took on my Greece Adventure. Thanks for reading my journal and letting me share my experience with you!

And I must say here, that my darling husband, after keeping our 5 kids for these 4 days, launched a major house clean-up plan while he was driving to the airport to get us. It even included sending one CampbellClankid down the street to buy me flowers. Pretty sweet.

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Anonymous said...

These were wonderful to read. Thank you for sharing. I thoroughly enjoyed and drooled over it all.

Someday . . . :)


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