Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fall Photos 2014

We never made it to our "Fall Place" just outside of town. I was sad about it, but there just wasn't a free weekend. I am noticing the older my kids get, the more our weekends are full. So, I gave everyone 24 hour notice..."I'm taking your picture for your grandparents tomorrow. Whatever that means for hair, showers, etc. be prepared!"

Right across the street is an old concrete barrier, and for about 2 weeks out of the year, we get these beautiful red leafy vines. That's my go-to backdrop.

Sweet Cheeks (in a real smile...we said something to evoke it).

Big Ben, whose oldest sister picked out his clothes and dictated what he should wear.

And because of that, she asked him for a "prom picture" with her....

...which got a little carried away.

Firstborn. Sigh. Going, going...

Miss Middler, who looks a whole lot more like a middle schooler than she did even last week.

Twinkle Toes, who no longer walks on her toes, but twinkles, none the less.

And the whole gang.

CC grumped a little. He didn't want to get a shower on a Saturday. He didn't want to have a photo shoot. So, I told him I'd just get pictures of the kids. Meanwhile, he gelled his hair, threw on a shirt, and joined us. I didn't guilt him, I really didn't. I was very pleasant.

I asked for one...just one...timed picture. And it turned out great.

Iphotos auto-cropped a version and knocked CC right out, which made us all laugh. Life without Papa would be no life at all.


Jill said...

That IS a great picture!!

Anonymous said...

Growing up!

I think my youngest is about to propose to his girl. :)

I feel the need (ha) to fill you in on these things since you are just down the road behind me. ;)

My piece of wisdom I gleaned . . . ? I do not discourage young (legal age, of course) marriage if it is the right one. Actually, I wish I had met Dave ten years sooner.

Do not be surprised (not saying you will have young marriages) if they don't quite go the way you envision. That doesn't mean it's bad. It means they are not mom and/or dad. :)

That is why, per my mother, you pray about ALL these things BEFORE it is time for them. Never have I been so glad for that piece of wisdom from my mother. Now, would be too late, or much harder, put it that way.

None of this may apply to you because I know you are on top of things but sometimes there are young moms out there (a category you and I are not in - haha) who innocently have never thought of that.

I wish I had the space to tell you about Matt's answer to prayer. He actually asked God to marry young. That was a prayer on his heart for a long time. I wish I could share the beauty of his story and how this precious girl fits perfectly with him and his career plans.

But I never dreamed . . . !


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