Saturday, August 16, 2014

Putt Putt Cousins' Birthday Party

We blocked a slot for a birthday party at Putt Putt for Sweet Cheeks and all the Memphis cousins during our week all together. It's a great way to celebrate her and to have a great time as a family. The older gals didn't want to miss out!
 She always asks me if I am going to bake her a cake or buy one. She is my ONLY child that I could buy a cake for, so she will always get an awesome bakery cake! (I could buy cakes in Turkey...they are beautiful, but so light on the sugar, it just doesn't cut it!) She picked out a pink and green cake this year.
 We played mini-golf, laser tag, arcade games, and then rode go carts!
 I think the grown ups had as much fun as the kids!!!


Angie said...

Now that looks like a fun party!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sara . . . I am thinking you are probably back in Turkey by now. Little EKC always reminds me of my Karoline. Something about them so precious.

I hope you all have had a wonderful summer. Aren't your kids growing? The girls are blossoming into beautiful young women and Ben is no longer a little toddler. Doesn't time march by? It is over here as well. It won't be long until our nest is empty. Two are permanently gone except for visits home and the other two are finishing college.

Take care. I hope you always find time to write your blog (not that you weren't). I have enjoyed reading it over the years, following your family as they grow up and look forward to seeing them launch out on the paths God chooses for them all.

We still pray for your family often and more so in these coming days.

Love to each one of you,
Melanie and Family

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