Monday, July 28, 2014


After the fourth, after the camp girls returned, after CC and his dad canoed the Buffalo, we were all back in Memphis together for one solid week. It was wonderful!

We picked up the camp girls. I missed them so much. I didn't even want to sign them out, then pick up, as I was instructed! I just had to go hug first. Miss Middler went to camp only knowing her cousin, but since he is a boy, they weren't in the same cabin. She makes friends everywhere she goes. I had told her it was her job to keep an eye on Sweet Cheeks, since it was SC's first time at camp. When I picked Miss Mid up, I said, "Did you take care of your sister?" Her friends said, "You have a sister?" I laughed.
 Sweet Cheeks did just fine. She said she cried a little at bedtime, but just didn't tell anyone, and by morning she felt fine. Sigh. The beginning of the send off we all face as moms has begun.
 These sweet girls fell in love with Miss Middler so much, they tried to climb in as stowaways.
 After church, we all gathered at K's house for lunch. This was not posed, but as I took it, I happened to think that it looked very much like some type of family or Sunday School brochure!
 We had a perfect day, the kind that you realize as you are having it, it is rare. The weather was beautiful. Everyone felt healthy and strong. My cup is full.


 Hideouts with towels and pool chairs.

  We all were in the pool and played water volleyball. This day was a memory I will never forget!

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