Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Starting out Memphis

We started out our time in Memphis with a Saturday drive down, a greeting and unpacking at our host home, and then a fun dinner with our Campbell side. 

Being at our home church is a real highlight for us. Here are the girls with cousin C in the hallway of the church where CC and I promised forever. He also went to elementary school here.

We had a fun surprise that Aunt B got to come to our church. It is so weird when Turkey life and US life collide. 

Right after church we took off for camp. This would be Sweet Cheeks first time away at camp. Cousin C had her back! These are her sweet counselors. One told us she didn't mind a non-air conditioned cabin because they didn't have AC at home. I think she's built for the job of taking care of my baby, don't you?

Cabin mates and new friends.
And the I dropped off Miss Middler. It would be her last year. Immediately her new counselors grabbed her for a hug and assured her they'd be BFF's by the end of the week. Her cousin buddy T is a boy, so she was on her own for making new cabin friends.
I'll wait for a later post to wrap up camp and how it went, but I will say one child said goodbye by clinging to me and saying she would miss me. Another one said, "Bye, love you, are you leaving yet?" Any guesses which one?

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Angie said...

Oh I hope they had a great time at camp!

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