Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Out and About in Memphis

We managed to squeeze in a dinner double date with CC's sister and her husband. He's a busy man this time of year with his basketball ministry. We never even think about where to's just always sushi!
 And then we popped down to Southaven, MS, to meet our new teachers while they are in orientation. I always get to see some of my old buddies who still work at my former school. A is a good friend. I taught her son many years ago when I was a Fish, not yet a Campbell. In fact, I lived in their home for a short time to make my commute to school shorter. She always reminds me of some of the useful things I did while living at her house, like after we mowed the grass and the mower would not quite get under the rabbit cage, I used scissors to trim the grass. She also reminds me of how I taught her that when in the shower and washing long hair, you can just grab the loose hair and stick it on the shower tiles to get it off of you. I am so glad I could impart such useful tips and tools for homemaking.
 Then Aunt S (CC's recruiter) and I took these girls down to our Home Office for a short tour. Here they are posing as recruiters at the Singapore calling desk. I think if folks on the other end of the line could see them, they'd sure accept, don't you?
 It was a long, but fun, day out. Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of our new staff.


Anonymous said...

Y'all all look so good!

Angie said...

Looks like a wonderful day. Glad you were able to get together.

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