Thursday, July 3, 2014

June Lake Weekend

Once Campbell Clansman and the other two Campbell Clanskids got to the USA on Father's Day, we enjoyed our first week up in middle Tennessee. Sweet Cheeks and Big Ben had swim lessons. They learned so much! We think maybe SC can graduate from lessons. Big Ben has decided he's got it now and has been swimming like a fish ever since. Last year he was using life jackets and floats, but he's ditched them now.

The following weekend we went to the lake. What a fun time getting to know our new nephews, newly arrived from the Congo. They are little miracles, and we love them so much. We feel like a complete bunch now, the grandkids make up a baker's dozen.

Here's a few lake shots. Sweet Cheeks pretty much looks the same as she did when she was 2, at least in a big ol' lifejacket she does.

 One of the new twins wanted to try that big float behind that big boat with his daddy. Everything is new to them. It's made me appreciate all we have with a fresh perspective.
 I think maybe I'll show this on the wedding slideshow for both the girls in the back.
This summer what I keep hearing is that Miss Middler has changed the most.

Darlin' kids, enjoying summer. 

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