Thursday, July 3, 2014

Burgess Falls State Park

Though we had a boat malfunction while at the lake and had to change our plans, it turned out to be full of fun and family time. We ended up at Sonic for 1/2 price shakes..."Everyone grab a cousin, choose a flavor, and split a large shake!" ...and snuggle time (Twinkle Toes has asked me multiple times over the years, "Can we get one?" I have a feeling she'll be running an orphanage somewhere in Africa one day!) ...

We decided to drive over to Burgess Falls State Park, picnic, and hike to the waterfall. My sweet mom and dad and little LL.

No one had rented the pavillion and since we are up to 19 folks, we pretty much looked like a church group anyway.

 This will no doubt be one of my favorite summer shots. After just a couple of weeks, the twins are speaking English and loving their forever family. I asked if I could get a picture and the little guy threw his arm around Big sweet. I have another shot where Big Ben has his eyes open, but this one captures the true joy in cousin J's heart better.
 And then there's Big Ben's happy response.

The falls were beautiful.

 I was super proud of my dad who went at his own pace, but completed the long hike in the intense Tennessee heat.

Wow, sorta reminds me of an Adam and Eve backdrop. Only we have on clothes!

Do you ever wake up and remember you married your perfect mate? I do that everyday.

We came back and packed up. Then, CC, Grandad, Twinkle, Firstborn, and I stayed on an extra night. The next day we drove to Dayton, TN, to let Firstborn see Bryan College. It was her first ever college visit. (HELP ME, how is this happening???!!!) While there, we drove to Dr. Rodger's clinic in the same town. There, my father was delivered in 1941. It is now a gift shop, but the entrance to the second floor clinic still bears Dr. Rodger's name. The downstairs was a soda shop and is the spot where the famous Scope's Trial plan hatched, at a small round soda shop table. My dad remembers eating chocolate pudding at the table as a boy. I think his mom, who was seen by Dr. Rodgers for her entire pregnancy and delivery for $300, would be proud to see her son now and his grandchildren.

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