Monday, August 18, 2014

Magic Springs

Aunt K treated the big girls and me to a day at Magic Springs. We had a blast. Road-tripping it with K is fun. There's Diet Coke stops along the way, constant conversation, it's fun just getting there.

We spotted this amazing pirates and convinced the girls to jump in a photo with them. What an awesome summer job. Ahoy Matey!

Twinkle Toes trying her hand at driving!

Unfortunately,  the rain found us. There was a rule that we had to stay out of the water park rides for 30 minutes after the last peel of thunder. We were stuck in the locker area for a couple of hours. Finally, the whistle blew and we got back in!
 Awesome kids!

 Thanks, Aunt K for an awesome day! She lets her nieces and nephews know she loves them!

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Angie said...

That looks like some real family fun!
Where is Magic Springs exactly?

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