Sunday, September 22, 2013

Stuff to keep

School has gotten off to a great start. I'm thinking of starting a third grade for now, I'll keep this to family stuff. I had to catch these in photo form so even if the paper gets crumpled or lost, I'll have it in cyber world! 

We ended up moving Big Ben into K5. I guess I could post the thought process on that at a later post. His teacher asked us to write him a short note at Open House night. I drew the very basic mama and son you see. Then I wrote the note in my best D'Nealian print. His papa added all the rest. What can I say? My son wants to keep it forever now.

As Sweet Cheeks' teacher, I asked all the moms/dads to draw on a bookmark for their kids, which I would laminate for them. Papa drew this. Sweet Cheeks loved it. She understands her dad's humor.

And this was precious to me. Sweet Cheeks wrote it on her first day of third grade.

What do you want to keep forever that your kids made?


Anonymous said...

This was precious! I am not sure Ross has not missed yet another calling . . . :). Art was always my thing . . . I am so void musically . . . Knowing Ross, he probably can sing too. :)

Some of my most precious keepsakes are in a box under my bed . . .handprints, a zillion I-love-you-Mom notes, graduation honor stoles, home run baseballs, post-it-notes Karoline still loves to leave everywhere, (I just collect them in a keepsake box.), letters from my dad, all Dave's cards and letters, my grandparents letters and cards, my grandmothers jewelry box, little socks and shoes, the clothes my kids were dedicated in, certificates from the day they all four were baptized . . .

The normal things a mom keeps . . . Oh! I almost forgot, the kids baby bed! What pains I have had to go through to get to keep it!!!

Kathleen's bachelors degree and her law degree . . . Very lovingly she gave those to me to keep for her. They represent so much in her life. Now that she has an office, I am going to frame them for her so she can hang them up like they should be.

I could keep going with this list. Things such as the game ball awarded to Matt the night he made some spectacular catches as catcher in his Little League game. The coaches picked him for the All Star team because off that night . . . More importantly, God answered a little boy's prayer who asked Him to be as good as his older brother was in baseball. After the game, Matt signed the ball, "Love, your little Yogi," (as in Berra) and said, "Did you see that Mom? I was good!" :)
Then he gave me the ball.

The most precious thing I have is not tangible, but the memory of the day each one of my kids gave their hearts to God. How much that means to me!!


Nancie Mcclintock said...

Took me a long time to discover; Ross does have a great sense of humor!

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