Sunday, September 29, 2013

Steal of a deal

We had a guest from our headquarters coming to stay with. CC had just returned from Africa. We spruced up our guest room. On a whim, I sent these two with 10TL (US$5) to the florist down the street. I assumed we'd get a little sprig, as he tends to be on the expensive side. I instructed them to stay on the sidewalk, hold hands, give him the 10TL, then just point to what they thought was pretty. They came back with this enormous bouquet. I think that man must have a soft spot for pinchable-cheek little kids. I also think I'm sending them everytime I need flowers from now on! 


Angie said...

Ha Ha- They did good!

Rachel said...

You've found his weakness. They are too cute!

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