Thursday, September 12, 2013

Camping Mishaps and Memories Part V

And then there was the way home....

We came back up the hillside, just like we'd come down...bumping and crawling slowly up the tractor-made road. It was slicker because of the rain. The rocks had stirred somewhat. We hit a big BUMP. And then we rolled on, holding our breath.

And right after we came upon a rescue team. We had spotted them on another hilltop (actually, the hilltop we had planned to camp on). They had tents set up, and it was roped off. We wondered all weekend if they were searching for a real person! Or a dead person? or a criminal? a crazy person? The stories flourished until Big Ben announced he was going to have bad dreams. No one wants to be woken up by a 4 year old bad dreamer, so they quit. Well, the search and rescue team flagged us down and pointed out our very flat tire. We couldn't even feel it, so bumpy was our path.

They were SUPER nice. I had to ask. So I did. "Are you looking for someone? or something?" "No, ma'am. We are just training." Whew. But since they were just training, they were thrilled to have the opportunity to solve our flat tire problem. It was as if we hit the Indy 500 pit stop. CC and the guys had it off and changed in no time. There was one older gentleman training two younger boys. The younger boys wanted to take pictures. So cute! (First time out of the village? First big save?) I, of course, shamelessly take pictures of everything remotely interesting...for the sake of you readers.

We thanked them profusely, then offered them chocolate chip cookies. No Turk can refuse them. They love the mix of salty and sweet. They grabbed a handful and trekked off to radio in some more coordinates.

And we wondered, once again, at what a great God we serve. A Turkish search-and-rescue team? On that lonely mountain? Right when we got our flat tire? wow. 

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Anonymous said...

Wow is right. This brought tears! I think we all, far and wide, home and abroad, are having our share of tough times but what an awesome experience it is to experience the presense of G! Nothing more to add to that . . .

Reminds me of an old song! (Been a long time since I shared one of my songs . . .:))

"G sees the tears of a broken hearted soul.
He sees your tears and hears them when they fall.
God weeps along with man,
And takes him by the hand!
Tears are a language G understands."

My best friend in the whole world, also a C, called yesterday asking for prayer for her dad who nearly died. All day I was praying on and off, each time feeling a strong presense. I thought of you and the first camping post you wrote, reading between the lines your heart missing home . . . You have been on my heart also.

That is why when I read this post, I saw G's love to you and how He makes Himself known to us just when we need to see him! Kathleen had called with a hard situation in the middle of her dream job . . . All I could do was thank God for His provision! He makes a way for us, doesn't He Sara? Makes a way for us to follow Him on the sometimes rocky road He leads us down. Oh, but the joys there are in following Him! I know you agree! :)

Thanks again for sharing this testimony!


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