Thursday, September 5, 2013

Camping Mishaps and Memories

There's a very small window in which we can camp in Turkey. End-of-the-year in May works, but it is one of our busiest times. We are gone in the summer. Fall proves to be the best time, but it starts to get very cold at night, especially in the high altitudes, if we don't go by early September.

Last Friday was Victory Day in Turkey, and we had no school. We finished up Open House on Thursday night, then worked our tails off Friday morning to get packed up and ready to go. Was it rushed? yes. Was it stressful? yes. Was it worth it? yes.

After getting out of our city and driving about 2 hours out, we came upon the logging village where we camp.

The road you see below was one of the better ones.

It was warm when we arrived, but very soon the wind picked up. (even our toilet paper) CC said there was rain in the forecast.
CC and the kids quickly got the tent set up. We are so thankful for the sporting goods store in our city. The tent is a quick set up and take down. And we would soon find out just how waterproof it is. (As you can see, some are still in shorts, while others are donning sweatshirts!)

And then the rain came. CC picked up ponchos at Wal Mart just for this purpose.

The rain, at this point, was not severe enough to have to get inside the tent. In fact, I think the whole poncho thing was just fun. We weren't THAT wet. Yet.

More later!


Rachel said...

Fun camping memories! It's the 'eventful' ones we remember the most. :)

Melanie Keffer said...

Oh Sara! If I should ever have any complaints about your blog (which I won't because that is terribly bad manners in my book), but IF I did, it would be that you leave your readers hanging in suspense!?!? Do you happen to be related to Alfred Hitchcock or something?!?! :))

Oh, the frustration! (Ha). Okay. Being at your mercy, I will just have to wait!


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