Monday, September 9, 2013

Camping Mishaps and Memories Part III

We survived the night in the tent. I was still sleeping when some CampbellClanKids got a hold of my IPAD.
Why do they looked shocked when they knew exactly what they are doing? I've always wondered that...

Our tent is really a four man tent. The two side pockets are meant for sleeping. CC and I take the middle and bundle up extra good. These two below are roommates at home, too. Apparently, they still wanted to be together in the tent.

Big Ben ditched us. He's always slept between his Mama and Papa. This year, he begged to be with his big sis.
And so we made it through the night! More adventures (mishaps) awaited us.

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Anonymous said...

Sara, who cares about marshmallows?!?!? I can say that because I am here where they are easy to get, right? :). Actually, meltdowns are not restricted to overseas travel/work. The last one I had was when David was unemployed and we could not buy our kids anything for Christmas - nothing, zero, nada, nilch was under the tree. Two different churches were feeding us. That nearly killed me. (Try being in that situation.) It wasn't right, it wasn't fair . . . But, my kids were awesome. So awesome (like yours) that it made me realize how deeply blessed I was because Christmas presents will come and go, jobs even come and go, but the character my kids possess, now that is important to me. God had given me what meant the most to my heart!

It still wasn't an easy thing for me to get over but I wouldn't go back and trade money and presents for what I saw in my kids. I am sure you are the same way.

During that season of unemployment, I learned to focus on the tremendous things I had instead of things I didn't have! :)


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