Sunday, September 1, 2013

First Day of 2013-14

We just kicked off our 10th year of school! The first day always makes me feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude. I can't help but think what a small mustard seed it was 10 years ago. I am humbled that it exists and is a light here. I did not get ANY pictures. I knew full well that I would not. I'm Mrs. Campbell, shepherdess to new third graders. To greet parents, welcome my new students, march them around on our "First Day Thankful Walk" means no photo-taking for me. But I am deeply grateful to the two friends whose pictures I have "stolen" without even asking....Thanks, T. Thanks, LB. You are both wonderful photographers, and I am thankful you took pictures!

Here's me with A. I snagged the hand of the little girl whose mom is one of my dearest friends, who has been a friend to my Sweet Cheeks as long as she's been alive, who I remember holding as a newborn. She's in my third grade class now!

Here's CC, welcoming the families back to Oasis.

Here's two boys we are very proud of. Each year two are chosen to carry the Turkish flag and the Oasis flag. These boys make us proud, as do many in this year's senior class. They led the walk around the campus this year.

And here the students are following, until the smallest Pre K student makes it back around to the campus.
And then we cheer for our school. I held it together, but it makes my heart happy and my eyes watery every year. Thank you, God, for making this school possible.


Anonymous said...

I always think this is one of the most awesome things you do. So appropriate! How fun for the young ones to look forward to moving up in line each year.

I loved the post you said was out of order. Those really are the best kind, in my humble, frequently given, usually unsolicited, opinion. :))

Thanks for sharing Sara! Aren't we suppose to think on the good things? Isn't that what we are told in the B? "If there be any virtue, any praise . . . " That is why your blog remains one of my favorites! It was the first blog I started reading, and still one of the first I like to catch up on when I don't read for awhile.

May God continue to bless you,

A sidenote - Kathleen is full swing in her new job and she is living her dream. Things are better than she could have ever imagined. A STRONG testimony to letting G direct our lives, praying for HIS will above our own. He will never leave us unhappy!!! I wish I could share that with every young person - let Him choose for you and your life will be better than anything you could ever engineer yourselves!

Rachel said...

Congratulations on a new year! I love your tradition. And the new family picture at the top- they're getting so big!

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