Friday, December 21, 2018

Rolling Into December

 Suddenly, December was upon us. We put up our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. It has been so cozy to come downstairs early in the morning, brew coffee, and sit by the tree, reading my Bible before the day starts. I've become an early bird now that I have a little birdie who is still awake at college if I get up early in the morning.

The girls performed in the school Christmas concert (Middler on trumpet and Twinkle on flute).

It's wonderful when, during this busy season, we can still find a night to ourselves. Our weekly date nights amount to basically just a simple meal and coffee, but we count on them to decompress from many of our stressful situations.

We were honored during the month of December to be invited to His Royal Highness the Emperor of Japan's birthday celebration. Japanese all over the world at various embassies honored him by gathering for a party. As Japan has now taken the place of the #2 nationality at our school, we were happy to be invited and see many of our school parents. The moms in their kimonos looked beautiful.

And we most certainly tried every sushi at the buffet!

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