Sunday, December 9, 2018

More Fall Fun

This first picture is not "fun" at all, but look at that sweet face! After the Istanbul soccer tournament, Miss Middler could not straighten her leg and was having pain. It just wasn't going away, so we went to the doctor. He diagnosed her with bone bruising. She had to sit out for a couple weeks, wear a brace, and use crutches. There's nothing like a teenager who discovers that hopping on one leg is much quicker than using crutches!

Miss Middler loves her Spanish teacher. She is just fabulous and does so many creative projects like these pinatas.

I really have no words for this one. But I'll try. We had the Fall Carnival and the seniors always create a spooky house. They have the most fun coming up with scary costumes and make up. So that strange girl on the left is my daughter. She has in some kind of contacts. And that is paint on her shirt. She scares me to death. But she was funny and sweet to all the little kids who came in the spooky house.

Miss Middler dressed as the bunny from Zootopia. She is the master costume designer in our family!

And for whatever reason, that night I decided to wear all black, throw on a hat, and wear the wig I bought this summer for a dollar. It was fun to dress up!

Fall in our city was beautiful.

While CC went out of town, my friend L and I got to attend the Italian Armed Forces Day. It involves lots of uniforms, lots of pasta, and lots of Parmesan cheese. We had a good time!

This sweet baby.....

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