Sunday, December 9, 2018

Fall Highlights

This Fall brought many events for our family. Now that all three of our big (living at home) girls are in youth group, we occasionally have a Thursday night just with our boy. One such night we ate dinner at the mall, and Big Ben ordered a Big Burger.

I love my students. Here we are having a little fun during our intruder drill.

One Saturday lunch I found myself alone at home with Twinkle, so we went and got lunch together.

My little guy still visits me at school. He just finds things he needs to tell me during the day!

And this gal, in her Senior year, comes to have lunch with me on Fridays.

We had some fun dress down days at school. Here I am with my buddy dressed as bears!

We had one quick overnight with a guest, so we drove to Cappadocia to experience just a quick 24 hours in our beautiful escape place.

And now that Big Ben is in 5th grade, he's getting to do more and more projects. Here he constructed a plant cell.

Aaaand, we are getting some fun pictures of a "new friend." !!!

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