Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Singapore in Seven: Happy 25th Anniversary to ICS Singapore

And then the end of our week in Singapore arrived. The real reason we were flown in is to help celebrate ICS Singapore on its 25th birthday. CC was asked to share at the big fundraising event about the early years of the school. We were so honored to be asked and looked forward to the big night. The school rented out Universal Studios Singapore on Sentosa Island (Wow, that island has changed in 14 years! I used to push my babies in a stroller over there to see the monkeys!)

It was a fun and electric environment, and we were so happy to be a part of it!

We found one of our former students, now a mom herself.

And some of our old teachers/friends were in town for the event, as well.

CC did a great job, as always, and we were happy to represent a tiny bit of the history of this wonderful and successful school. It really did become a small stone of remembrance for me to think about those hard early years and to realize that we are all part of something bigger that God is doing. We could never have known that the light of this school would be shining so brightly so many years later. But it made those early sacrifices when the school nearly didn't make it, worth it all!

Happy birthday, ICS Singapore!

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