Saturday, September 8, 2018

End of the Year Highlights Part 1

Attempting to finish the 2017-18 school year, I am creating two blog posts of the highlights!

I received this adorable picture while I was in Singapore. We had International Day, so my three amazing girls put together Native American costumes to represent their heritage (on both sides!).

And speaking of costumes, sometimes while we are all spinning in circles coming up with great costumes for spirit days such as this (Crazy Hair Day), CC will just casually walk out the door in the morning with a costume piece to add and then end up being the most-talked-about person on campus. This was surely a day like that! He added an 80's teen punk flip of the head to his costume, too.

Big Ben is our only piano student in the family now, though we still hear beautiful music by a couple of our girls who have continued to play beyond their lessons.

We were so proud of his recital this year. And I'm loving him in a tie!!!

Finally after an entire year of not being in her "home" Firstborn had her visa in hand and arrived after her last day of classes. It was just so good to have her home and for us to be a complete unit. I know they are all going to fly away soon, so I'm enjoying my children coming home for now. I'm glad they want to come home! This is the couch where I sat each morning this past year, coffee and Bible in hand, and said goodnight to her on text as my day was just starting. Now she sat by me....

And she quickly began working her way through all the foods she had missed...both home cooked and Turkish!

She was a tremendous help to us at the school. Here she is pictured leading a team of students on our end-of-the-year field day. We had her subbing in the elementary grades the Monday after she arrived on the weekend! She graded and ran errands and set up the art show and did all kinds of things to help teachers. CC commented he is not sure we could have managed without those extra hands as our school has just grown to that size and the final days of school dictate more activity.

Finally, our family picture was complete!

Big Ben's team won first place (for his grade) in the school science fair. We discovered this during our home volleyball tournament. He was out playing soccer on the outdoor field, so we chased him down to tell him he won! His partner and he attempted to demonstrate the differences in magnetism at various temperatures. (He happens to have an elementary school principal who is cool enough, that when a kid says, "I want to do something that involves breaking something in my project...." she takes the ball and helps them run with it! She "GETS" kids!)

We also had the privilege of hosting Coach A, who is a believer who plays basketball in Germany on a ministry team. He has come two years now to run a week long basketball camp for us. He has a special connection with Big Ben, and it was great to have him back with us.

When you are 8 time zones away and your beautiful niece is graduating, you might just have to watch it at a food court while eating dinner! We tuned in just in time to see her walk across the stage. We also had a nephew on my side graduate this year. I remember when all these babies were born, thinking....and one day they will be graduating year after year, for many years! It's here!

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