Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Black Sea Break 2016: Simple Pleasures

As I said, we really had no agenda. There's very little to "do," just much beauty to see. There is an ancient castle. We kept talking about going to the castle, then realized we were staying within the walls. We did enjoy peeking into the mosque, as it was once a Byzantine church. We don't enter, but to peer into the windows was a lovely sight.

Here's another lovely sight. I just really needed to reconnect with my children. I had been pulling 7:30AM-7:00PM hours daily. I missed them, and I was picking up on signs that they needed to reconnect with me too. The reconnection took the form of holding hands, chatting about things we saw, stopping to take a picture of them and tell them how beautiful they are to me, playing Uno at night and losing soundly (by my 7-year-old son). That, along with spending some time with the Lord, restored my soul. I can honestly say that coming off of summer and the amount of work at the new school and the spiritual warfare that was present during those 3 weeks put me in a very low place. I felt depleted, but this week began some healing in me.

Did I mention it was windy?!

On our walk down, I saw a lady selling homemade jelly from the berries on that mountain. She was charging the equivalent of US$1.50 for a jar. Having just made some jelly when we got back to Turkey, I knew her time was worth far more than that! I bought several jars, including a homemade spicy salsa to put on breakfast eggs. She was so happy to sell me the jars, she threw in a tied-up bunch of dried, mountain grown bay leaves. (When I got home, I compared their smell to the jar I had from a store. No comparison!)

Here is her display, which I thought made a pretty picture.

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Tara G. said...

Loving these posts! Prayed for your continued filling & encouragement.

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