Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Black Sea Break 2016: Ocean Time and Museum Visit

The water in the Black Sea was FREEZING. Yes, you could get used to it, but it was an awful 10 minutes until you did. We managed to swim with the kids some, just long enough to pretend it was feeling great! They, however, were seemingly unaffected by the cold. CC read online that their bodies do tolerate it better.

We also found the little island museum, which proved to be a great one, with treasures found in the area, as well as underwater discoveries! It was free to go in on Turkish holidays, we were happy to discover. This was a piece taken from the original Byzantine church. The history of it suggested it was a place where Scripture was read.

In the outer courtyard, many treasures were viewable just out in the open. I was happy to find crosses.

And a little kitty seemed to prefer being out there too, asleep upon an ancient tomb.

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