Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Black Sea Break 2016: Boat Ride and Bunny Island

One night, we decided to take a short 1 hour boat ride. It was so cheap, about $5, and it would afford us some views of the coast we could not get from driving.

It was beautiful! The layers of rock falling into the sea reminded us of how the Earth must have changed during the Flood.

We were put on the top deck of the 2 level boat. Another family joined us. We greeted them, then when they asked where we work, we said, "Oasis." They seemed to know our school! We talked more and discovered they had lived in America, and hoped desperately to put their children in our school. They have friends at our school. Because of Turkish law, dual-citizens can not attend our international school. What a shame, what a nice family! But it also reminded me that in our 13 years here, our reputation has spread...even to a family vacationing at the Black Sea. They said our American accent make them homesick for America. What a sweet thing to say.

It was a sunset cruise and so beautiful! I've fallen in love with the rocky seacoasts as a result of Turkey.

And this is Bunny Island! Legend has it that someone dropped of a couple of bunnies on the island. Since there are no humans or predators there,  they've been prolific. The Internet said we would not spot bunnies, possibly. But we did! All black bunnies, all popping out of crevices. It was so fun!

And this was by far my favorite picture of the trip. These boys had been out fishing in their inflatable boat. They were proud as punch to have caught this fish and held it up with two thumbs up. We cheered for them. They pretty much never stopped smiling.

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