Monday, October 3, 2016

Black Sea Break 2016: Out for a walk

The next morning I looked down to see the little lady tending her eclectic plant arrangements. She was adding eyes and bows to her funky little display.

These were taken from our little apartment. Beautiful!

The biggest shock of the entire trip was when, on the way there, I mentioned that I would plan to make us a big breakfast in the room, we could eat a small lunch, then we could just go out only for dinner, to save us money. CC announced he'd be making breakfast each day. To my knowledge, the only time this has happened is when I'm out of town. I was rendered speechless. He made no other comment. As promised, the first morning, he made us what he called "Ultimate Eggs." They were scrambled eggs with sucuk (Turkish spicy sausage), green olives, cheese. They were delicious!

It was windy!!! This bridge dates back to the Romans.

Me n my breakfast man!

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