Sunday, June 12, 2016

Seeing Greece Together: Patmos At Night

The candles and frescoes in the monastery were beautiful. There is also a small museum with relics there on the premises. We got to see a Gospel of John from the 4th century.

The sun went down while we enjoyed this first stop. We took this picture of the harbor from the mountaintop. The bright glowing part to the right is our cruise ship.

Sweet Cheeks and I did one little naughty thing. At the monastery, there was a little Kumquat tree with fruit. I once had this fruit in Florida, and the peel is my absolute favorite citrus in the world. SC had never had one before, so we took a tiny fruit for her to try back on our tender boat. I suppose St. John wouldn't have minded.

The evening shows on the cruise ship were amazing....but YAWN, CC and I could not WAIT to get back to our spacious room and crash.

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Hannah Chinaka said...

Sara, So thankful to keep up to date with your life through your wonderful blog! <3 Have a wonderful summer!

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