Saturday, June 11, 2016

Seeing Greece Together: Mykonos at Sunset

IWe loved having a couple of hours with nothing to do but walk around an island! Here are our attempts at the ever-elusive family photo.

Nope, Big Ben looking at a worm or something.

 Gust of wind.

CC is not smiley happy. Also, Big Ben doesn't really smile like that. Natural smiles, everyone.

CC still not happy. Likely it's the photo shoot.

What about this angle? Miss Middler is too close.

There we go. CC looks...happy (?)

Even better. Wait.....a Campbell is missing. 

On to other, easier to shoot, scenes! Like...island wildflowers, 

beautiful family chapels,

sisters comparing pictures,

oil tins that have been repurposed into brightly painted planters,

crosses and bells that create beautiful shadows,

fishing boats,

tiny chapels,

tucked away crosses,

the man I love,

souvenirs that don't cost anything,

little girls in front of red weathered doors,

and final glimpses of a beautiful place.

Thanks for reading my blog posts from Greece!

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