Saturday, June 4, 2016

Seeing Greece Together: Upgrades?!

I booked us in the cheapest, smallest, windowless rooms possible to save money. I was prepared to stay out of my room all day to cope, then turn out all the lights before entering my room at night so I couldn't see how small it was, perhaps even throwing a Tylenol PM down my throat to survive the thought of a tight squeeze.

And this still brings me to tears when I see this picture. We walked to our rooms, and here's what we saw. There must be some mistake! No, this is your room, he said. After the busiest year in the history of our time in Turkey (2 conferences we hosted, a larger student body than ever, a government inspection, and a re-accreditation visit...with a campus move to plan), God said, "I got this." and gave us this beautiful, spacious room with a view of the ocean. The kids say, "Mama, I thought you warned us we wouldn't be able to turn around in the room!" I smiled, "God did this." 

No one I'd rather cruise with than him! 

My two Turks with Turkey behind them. 

This was just after the big horn sounded and we were off!

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Elizabeth said...

What an encouragement!

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