Saturday, June 11, 2016

Seeing Greece Together: Coming In To Patmos

We immediately began enjoying our time on the ship and the weird sensation of walking around when moving at such a fast clip. Our package included all the free drinks we could want. We are not alcohol drinkers, but with as many fruity drinks and gourmet coffee drinks as my kids put down, they made absolutely no money on our drink package deal.

We went to the excursion desk to price out our side trips and decide what to do. We passed on a couple of them to save money, but knew for sure we wanted to see the Biblical site of Patmos. It blesses me to think of St. John on that island. Alone, but with His Eternal Companion. Stranded, but not forgotten. Without food, yet he was a fisherman. Shut out so his message would be stopped, yet God gave him the greatest revelation of future events ever given to mankind, while he was on this island. And when we pulled up, I looked high upon this mountaintop and saw this cross. The message of Jesus Christ can not be stopped by man's efforts. This cross speaks to that for me.

We drifted in just as the sun was setting. It was beautiful!

We took a small tender boat to the dock, then a bus took us to the cave that has been historically assigned as the Biblical site. It is now a small monastery, and Patmos is considered the second holiest site by the Catholic church.

The wind started to pick up, so I put on my Biblical garb.

We got to hear these beautiful church bells ring. Coming from a land where we hear the call to prayer 5 times daily, it brought me joy to hear them.

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