Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Winter Ball 2016

It's Spring Break here, and I'm catching my breath! Going back into the classroom has limited my time to blog. But moving away from the school and needing to ride in at 7:25AM each morning (returning after 6PM) has seriously limited my blog time! But I miss it, and I'm going to try to catch up this week!

CC traveled to the USA for his annual meetings. He flew in the  night before Winter Ball. He had to see his Singapore girls off to the event. And actually, we were chaperones. Chaperones aren't supposed to show off dance moves, but he did.

Here are my beautiful girls. I buy them a new dress each year. Here's how I swing that. We choose it in the summer and order off Amazon. The dresses are not pricey...they run $20-30. It's a gamble that it will fit right (especially MADE IN CHINA...think smaller than the size says!) But we have inexpensive seamstresses in Turkey. So we bring them back and get alterations  made here if needed. For Firstborn's dress, we found one at a thrift shop in Nashville. But once we got it back here and added the strap (dress code requirement), it just didn't work. Little sis to the rescue. She had purchased a second hand dress from a graduating senior a few years ago. It worked perfectly! They bless me with their willingness to make things work on a budget.

Here they are!

And this is a favorite of mine!

The dance is just wonderful. Good, clean music. Respectful guys. Dances with everyone.

And if no guy asks, there's always a sister around!

We took our job of chaperoning very seriously.

And I had to include this sweet picture of Twinkle's friend. She is a Turk born in America. She wore her grandmother's dress from the 1950's. Made by her grandmother. So sweet, and she was so proud to wear it.

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