Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Basketball Tournament 2016

The girls worked hard to prepare for their basketball tournament. Monday-Wednesday-Friday...drills, scrimages, practices. The big weekend finally came. They had a Friday morning game and I got to go! I made it back just in time for my classes. They played 6 games in 2 days and took 3rd place in the tournament.

It was so fun to get to see Miss Middler on the court as a guard.

Firstborn was high scorer for the team. She is pretty much never phased. She swishes a shot and just keeps right on playing. Not even a grin. She's serious.

Twinkle has come into the point guard slot, as our senior point guard is graduating. The coaches wanted her to work on developing herself as the ball handler. She did great. Her only regret is that she doesn't have quite as many chances to steal it from the other team, she says!

I was so proud of them. Just before they announced the All-Tournament team, Twinkle ran to me after particularly good game and said, "Please don't let the refs and coaches vote for me. I don't want to get All-Tournament instead of my sister." What could I say? My heart was so touched. I mentioned it to her athletic director, who assured me not to worry. Her sister had already gotten it.

Here is the group of girls from the various teams that made up the All-Tournament team. We were proud of Firstborn for working so hard (from the 7th grader who begged not to go into a game), proud of Twinkle for playing so hard but not wanting to steal her sister's glory, and proud of Miss Middler for committing to practice until a spot opened up for her.

Firstborn will miss this friend. They've played together since 7th grade.

We love our coach. She's the best!

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