Monday, March 21, 2016

Cozied Up

We are loving our little mint green house. It was an adjustment for Phaselis the Great (our cat). He is, in fact, still adjusting. His personality has come alive since the move. He begs to go out into the yard and has gotten himself chased up under a house by the neighbor's dogs and up into a tree at another neighbor's dog. He has also begun BEGGING for people food and trying to get into the fridge. He continues to howl if his beloved Miss Middler isn't awake yet (or heaven forbid, has spent the night at a friend's house). But we all agree he's more fun now. He runs to this front window each day to watch us leave. We wonder what he's doing while we are gone.

Soon after moving in, we got a beloved snow day! We got a couple of feet in a very short time. I spent my day snuggled up under blankets.

The girls decided to go out and use my camera to take some pictures. This is something the three of them really enjoy doing together.

We have a little spot in the neighborhood that reminds them of Narnia.

I think it got a little silly at the end.

Meanwhile, this happy guy created a snow arch.

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