Thursday, August 13, 2015

Photo Shoot

We wanted to get a Campbell family photo this summer, but didn't have time to book a photographer, so we did it DIY!

This candid was snapped of my son. I love it so much. I see this smile so much. He tries not to smile, but it creeps on his face all the time.

My fabulous five...

We set the camera up on timer mode, which of course is one of life's greatest stressors for me (I realize it is merely a First World problem.) But I think they turned out beautifully. I think the Campbell family is beautiful, too. I included the series of 5 so you can hee haw as we did at the doggy. As the camera began to snap, she snapped to attention. By the last picture in the series, she was looking at the camera!

Our matriarch and patriarch!

CC's sis's beautiful family!

And our clan...

Not professionally photographed, but I think they all look great!

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