Monday, August 31, 2015

Baltimore Wedding: Rehearsal Dinner

Sweet Cheeks and I, along with my friend L, were asked to stand with our sweet friend Hannah at her wedding. She was God's gift to me when Sweet Cheeks was transitioning from being my third grader to a new fourth grader. She was just what Sweet Cheeks needed in a teacher. Hannah, L, and I traveled together some and spent time outside of school together and grew very close. L and I were so honored that she asked us to be in her wedding. So, as summer came to a close, we flew to Baltimore for the wedding. Our flight was rerouted due to a storm. So, we breezed in just as the rehearsal dinner was starting.

Hannah met Daniel online, and they dated long distance during the last year. She grew up in Haiti and was living in Turkey. He grew up in Hawaii and was living in Baltimore.

I loved the multi-cultural touches of the wedding, like this Japanese origami.

If you're wondering how Sweet Cheeks did as an only child for a weekend...she hammed it up. Here she is practicing her diva walk down the aisle.

It truly was fun to get to be with one of my children for the weekend!

The wedding was in the beautiful chapel on the University of Maryland's campus.

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Tara G. said...

How special and fun!

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