Saturday, August 15, 2015

Mission Memphis Dropoff

All three of my older girls signed up to serve with Mission Memphis, a week of sleeping in our church and heading out each day to serve in various inner city ministries. Miss Middler worked with Child Evangelism Fellowship to teach 5 day Good News Clubs in inner city project housing. Firstborn, paired with her cousin, built a shed and got to use power tools! Miss Middler once again got to work with Memphis Athletic Ministries and spend time with at risk kids. They loved it and had a super week!

A quick hug goodbye with a photobomber in the back...

So our week without teens began! Wow it was quiet! Sweet Cheeks spilled her cereal snack in the car just as we drove by these geese. We stopped the car and gave them a treat.

The three little cousins had a blast getting all of our attention for a week!

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Anonymous said...

Child Evangelism Fellowship!! Wow! Haven't heard that name in years. My dad worked with them when we were growing up. He held the five day meetings in our neighborhood, which was not inner city, and I still remember those Good News Clubs! Daddy was so good at stuff like that. He just had a way and a passion and a love. He was really something. I remember how much I enjoyed going. He would keep us on the edge of our seats (i.e., the ground under a big tree in our neighborhood park) each day, anxious to hear more of the story. I remember the kids in the neighborhood not wanting to miss, nobody wanted to. He was on the board of directors with the local chapter of either CEF or Youth For Christ. It's been such a long time ago.

So glad to hear they still do that!!


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