Thursday, August 27, 2015

50 and Counting: Part II

My sister-in-law and I split up responsibilities for the event. I told her I would get a cake. I was able to get this beautiful cake with a golden ribbon for their 50th! And it was sooo good.

We went to a country cafe that could house us all.

And one that didn't seem to mind kids.

Did I mention the cake was good?

And call us Turks crazy, but the biggest hit of the day was the fact that our little side room had its own fountain drinks. There is no restaurant in Turkey that serves free refills. We usually just order water when we go out. So, to get free refills and to be able to hop up and get your own, whatever concoction you choose, was so much fun.

But of course, every bit of fun has its consequences. (Please excuse me on this. I am just keeping it fun and took this picture with the upmost of caution! We are from Tennessee afterall, and they are just all so cute!)

One wonderful treat for the event was having a real life bridesmaid attend. Mom's friend J flew down for the week and was our special honored guest for the party. She was such a dear and just jumped right in like family. One day I came in and said, "Ok, I'll make some pbj's." She said, "Oh, I already fed all the kids!" She was precious.

I love this picture and treasured this day!

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