Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Happy 10th in Turkey

I have been unsuccessfully trying to load a picture of this to show you, but I'll proceed with the story so I can finish up school news and launch summer blogging!

On the last night before summer break started, we had a lovely graduation ceremony. CC began the ceremony, then was surprised when a school parent was called up to speak, not listed in the program. This parent was here when we first arrived in Turkey, 10 years ago this month. His two wonderful daughters graduated from our school.

He mentioned that a group of parents wanted to recognize our 10 years of service and the sacrifices we had made to start the school. Of course, we were just there back in 2003, it was all God's doing, but we were touched that someone remembered and honored us in that way.

Some of the art students created a mural for us to hang. It's really beautiful. I'll get that picture posted once someone can help me do it!

We are so thankful to God for leading us to Turkey and seeing us through some rough early years. His mercies and constant Presence have been what has sustained us!

And now, let summer begin!

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