Monday, June 24, 2013

Finishing Up School!

The last couple of days of school are always so fun! I had my grades done and was well into closing up my classroom by this time, knowing my 5 children and I would board a plane the morning after school finished. We generally finish school on a Tuesday, so the Monday before is Field Day for the elementary.

Here Sweet Cheeks is working with her team to get across Lava Lava Island! (Our indoor PE room became hot lava with only exercise mats to get across it!)

I've always loved how we create the teams...Pre-K up to grade 6 are all mixed on teams. The sixth graders take care of the little ones on their team. I just can't believe Twinkle Toes has officially finished elementary school!

Miss Middler had Sweet Cheeks' teacher as her team leader.

Here's Big Ben's team. He said his favorite game was hitting the ball down the basketball court with the pool noodle.

And I was the team leader for this team. We named ourselves the Fruit Ninjas and won second place for Sportsmanship. We had a super team! We built a pyramid for our cheer and had some darling little attempts at cartwheels as part of our display.

Big Ben's team cheer involved spelling out the word Vultures, and he called out his "E" with a loud voice!

And then school let out, we came home, and got packed up for the start of our summer break.

On the final day of school, we had the Awards Ceremony. I snapped this picture of Firstborn getting her Honor Roll certificate. She was also nominated for the Character Award, which did not surprise me in the least.
Then we headed out to graduation that night, and CC and I had the surprise of our lives...which I'll post about tomorrow! (It's time to finish school on this blog and get to summer!)

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