Saturday, June 15, 2013

Firstborn's Letters

Firstborn is racking up on the letters and pins for her high school jacket! She got a pin for volleyball and basketball this year! Here she is at the Sports Banquet with friends.

And once I get caught up on all the end of the year stuff, I'll tell you about my "Perfect Flight" home this week!


Nancie Mcclintock said...

Can't wait to hear about your 'PERFECT trip' home!

Anonymous said...

Tell ME if she puts her pins on her athletic jacket, be sure and glue the backs on. I talked modest Kathleen into putting all hers on her jacket . . It was such a sight .. . And lo, and behold, they ended up popping off and she lost most of them. Some were irreplaceable. I felt like a dog and should have left her alone about it. She is so sentimental. I have never gotten over my motherly pride causing her to lose what was precious to her.

Moral of the story is using the glue . . . :)


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