Monday, June 10, 2013

A Beautiful Meal with Beautiful People

This past week we had a dinner invitation to a school family's home. They wanted to honor one of our leaving staff members. We were so honored to be included. This family is from Iraq, but they have lived all over the world. She fixed us Iraqi food...and a lot of it! I can't even describe how beautiful her home and the food table was. The dish to the right was a cold cucumber and garlic appetizer. The beautiful green was a salad with the finely chopped parsley!

There was also humus and a pomegranate relish, served as a side, much like we would serve cranberry relish.

It just want on and on...stuffed vegetables like peppers, onions, eggplant. There was roasted chicken. There were meatballs. There was eggplant. My personal favorite was the Iraqi was made with green spices which turned it light green and had roasted nuts in it.

 The meal was wonderful, the conversation lively. The husband had his photo made with George W. Bush and another with the current Prime Minister of Turkey, Erdogan. But what touched us the most was that we were presented with a very unique gift. Though they are not of our faith, they secured a copy of an Assyrian Bible for us. It is from an ancient language, a derivative of Aramaic. It is illegal to remove a relic such as this from the country, but she was able to (legally) procure a photocopy of it for us and have it bound into a book. The gesture was precious for us.

Here we are pictured with her children, Oasis graduates and students.


Tara G. said...

I love testimonies like these! Tears in my eyes! When are you coming back for the summer?

Anonymous said...

Oh Sara! How awesome . . . And the Bible . . . What a tremendous gift. What a beautiful feast! No wonder you enjoy teaching there so much. What precious people!


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