Monday, April 1, 2013

Cappadocia Getaway: Exploring Rose Valley, Part I

We've been to Cappadocia several times, but something changed this year. We realized all our little people are getting bigger, big enough to walk and traipse and explore. So, instead of hiking the easier hike we usually take, we set out on some new sights. We previously rode horseback through the Rose Valley, but decided to explore on foot and see what we could find.
 We after church after church. For our family, this is the best part of Cappadocia....knowing believers were there before us, true to our faith, guarding it (as Paul commands Timothy to do) means so very much to us, in 2013.
 We had never seen this one before, but the inside was especially interesting.
 This is perhaps hard to envision, but just behind me, in the photo with the inlets where my kids are standing (above), is this drop off...just a big hole and a long way down. I wanted to take this picture, so CC held my belt loops for me!
 This was the entrance. We realized it was perhaps more than a cave home because of the more ornate entrance. Indeed, it was a small church.
I don't think I'll ever tire of exploring this place!


Tara G. said...

What a treasure load! I love those arches and carvings! The girls look so grown-up and pretty!

The Fish Family said...

Love this!!! So awesome and I can just picture you all there now!

Angie said...

So much to explore. I always enjoy viewing your photos!

Deena said...

Great photos! I'm enjoying the tour of Cappadocia!

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